Imperishable stillness

Infinite depth.

Absence of time, of place, of space.

Absence of thoughts, dreams, the body and the world.

Not something anymore,

Objectless, conscious, clear Emptiness.

Packed of Itself with ……

Silent……peaceful…… always present Bliss.

Everything is dissolved in that ambience of the unmentionable part in Me, that can’t be named, that is always wide awake.

Even when the body sleeps and a dream comes into imagination.

When sleep no longer wants to have the body, vague impressions appear in Me, shreds of dreamlike thoughts, bodily sensations, touch, sound and a hazy, blurred perception.

The thoughts appearing in Me become clearer and the image of the bedroom becomes visible in Me.

Me, that silent, infinite depth, is temporarily coloured in by a body overcome with sleep, that seems to move in Me and seems to go to the bathroom.

But I am going nowhere…..

I can never leave Myself

It is the body and the bathroom that appear in Me, that conscious, clear Emptiness.

For I alone am conscious and awake.

The body doesn’t have consciousness of itself.

I, Consciousness, express myself as the body, as the bathroom….as everything.

A bit later - which is imaginary- for I am eternally Now and do not exist as time- the body is outside and the outside world flows through me as an unspeakable abundance of Potency.

All images of events, forms, colours, scents and sounds become visible, sensible and audible in Me.

They are visible through Me.

Originated from Myself and dissolving in Myself.

Myself, that open, always present, still, timeless Clarity.

As unchangeable as I am,

I give space to all changes.

To both the horrors and the joyful.

As the Source of life and death I know no difference between life and death,

for I am and remain Myself always.

Imperishable, immovable serene -

a timeless Presence.

I am no experience or event

and still everything happens in Me.

I need nothing to be Myself.

In the experience I am the experiencing

and as the Knower of the experience I experience

and know only Myself.

In the seen I am the seeing

and as the Knower of the seeing I am and I know only Myself.

I don’t go anywhere

I can never leave you, the one I am myself.

There is no road to Me. We are not two.

Every path you go ends where you are right Now.

Connected in Love,


(From: Sharlih's Newsletter (in Dutch), August 2016)

Lovingly translated into English by Marieke Trompert


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