Seeing the Truth is not complicated, but simple, non-dual.

But the seeker of Truth is very complicated.

He tries to reach himself the same way we do with worldly things.

Which is through desire, seeking and striving.

This is what makes Self-recognition so hard, or rather impossible.

For you cannot become what you already are. Becoming implies time, a path, but there is no path to here.

Every step is one further away from yourself and takes you into the modified world of phenomena.

Your eyes are fixed on something else and thinking takes you away from here, to later, where it seems to be better, more beautiful or more quiet.

But to go deep you have to begin nearby and you have to be conscious of your own primary, always present sense of being. The feeling you exist and the knowing of being conscious of existing.

No knowledge is needed, just immediate confirmation. That existence is the Essence itself and is always instantly aware of itself as pure Presence. An emptiness full of itself, but unnoticed, for it is covered by us with unprocessed Emotions, self defending memories and knowledge and matter we are attached to.

If we dare to see through the disillusionment of our self image being merely a bubble, we pierce it through right away.

This is when the unlimited and warm presence of life can flow again.

The Reality is experienced as a whole, as non-dual.

The wave that believed it was seperate from the sea and was searching for the sea dissolves into the limitless Ocean of Light and Love.

Connected in Love,



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